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6.0.1 Upgrade to 8.0.0

6.0.1 to 8.0.0 Software Upgrade Instructions:


Updating Oreo is not a straight forward process!
It's dangerous, you can brick the device

Follow every step of the guide carefully!

Download links at the bottom of the site.


1. SDCard for flashing the android 8 recovery.

2. USD Memory Stick for the Update.

IMPORTANT!! first format your microSDcard!

description of files:

firmware_new.img - makes a bootable sdcard.

sdupdate.img - the new recovery needed for flashing android 8. - The new android 8.0 software

STEP 1 Preparing the SDCard:
1. open CreateCD folder and run "SD_Firmware_Tool" as Admin. Click the firmware button and navigate to Android-6/firmware_new.img (Make sure "Upgrade Firmware" is CHECKED).
2. After the process is done, delete sdupdate.img from the from the root of SDCard.
3. Copy Android-8-sdupdate/sdupdate.img to the root of the SDCard.

4. Insert the SDCard into the GPS slot on your device then power on the unit to start the first step of the flashing procedure.

5.  it will ask to remove the sdcard to reboot, after doing so, the screen should be black with the backlight on. wait for "Erasing" to appear on the screen, when it is done, it will reboot again.

(this might take up to 5 minutes, prepare Step 2 while waiting)

STEP 2 preparing the USB Memory Stick:

1.Copy to the root of USB Memory stick.
2. After the transfer is complete, insert the USB Memory Stick into your device.

STEP 3 Flashing the Update:

Go to the recovery by holding power-button until light flashes, release and pulse the power button before unit boots.

1. Run Wipe Data / Cache.

2. Once you are in recovery navigate to and run Apply system image>From USB Device>confirm with Yes.

3. Run reboot System.

Unit will restart and boot to Android 8.

Download Links ( you need the update file and the tool ):

Download flashing tool

Download (dont extract this. the recovery will flash the .zip).

Download 7-zip to extract "flashing tool" files (if you already have winRAR etc. you dont need this).

MCU updates: (Match your "MTCD_XX with your version in settings>about device)

Download MCU update

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